Below is an archive of the daytime schedule for etoo London 2013. Thanks to everyone who participated! You can check out our YouTube channel for video highlights. 

MONDAY DAYTIME (10am - 4pm): 

  • Sony
  • Bossa Studios
  • GameStick
  • Mediatonic
  • Curve Studios
  • Utopian World of Sandwiches (Chompy Chomp Chomp) 
  • Andrew Smith & Andrew Roper (Lazarus & Hugatron) 
  • Alan Zucconi (Still Time) 
  • SFB Game (Haunt The House: Terrortown) 
  • Twice Circled (Ionage) 
  • More to be announced soon! 


TUESDAY DAYTIME (10am - 5pm): 

  • Sony
  • GameStick
  • AppyNation
  • Mixed Bag (Forma 8, Futuridium) 
  • Out Of The Bit (Anima) 
  • Mode 7
  • Projectorgames (FortressCraft) 
  • Byron Atkinson-Jones
  • Bumpkin Brothers (Ian Fell In The Machine) 
  • More to be announced soon! 



  • Sony
  • GameStick
  • Simon Roth (Maia) - Afternoon
  • Alistair Aitcheson (Slamjet Stadium)
  • Quartic Llama
  • Nyamnyam (Tengami)
  • New Star Games (New Star Soccer) - Afternoon
  • The Tiniest Shark (Redshirt)
  • Simian Squared (The Other Brother)
  • Deep Loot (Monster and Monster) 
  • Bitsmith Games  (FranknJohn)


THURSDAY DAYTIME (10am - 5pm): 

  • Sony
  • GameStick
  • Tom Francis (Gunpoint)
  • Caromble 
  • Pixel Escape Game 
  • BIG ROBOT (Sir You Are Being Hunted)
  • +AsDesigned Games (Godsweeper) 
  • Dan Pearce (10 Second Ninja) - Afternoon
  • Linden Lab (Versu) 
  • Lawrence Russell (Trash TV)
  • Alan Hazelden (Sokobond)
  • Jonathan Whiting
  • Wool Gathered Apps (Swirling) 


Daytime Event times:

Monday: 10am to 4pm
Tuesday to Thursday: 10am to 5pm

After Dark Live Show times:

Monday: 4:45pm to 3:30am (show starts at 5pm)
Tuesday to Thursday: 6:45pm to Midnight (show starts at 7pm)

Note for After Dark Show: Please be there on time as you have to be seated by the time the show starts.