Watch the Etoo Game Jam and Win King of Tokyo!

EtooLondon live might be over, but there's another chance to see the fun and madness for yourself as we start to upload YouTube videos of the event highlights. 

First up we have the first ever GameStick Game Jam, with developers DC Turner (better known for his animation Tim Minchin's Storm), and Andrew Roper (Lazarus, Hugatron). Our two brave volunteers had less than eight hours during Etoo to create a game for the GameStick before they presented it to special guest Rufus Hound, watch the results below!


king of tokyo.JPG

To celebrate the release of the first EtooLondon video, we have an exclusive prize draw. During the 'Board of Games' boardgame session at Etoo, Rufus kindly signed a brand new copy of King of Tokyo which can be YOURS!  Simply enter your details below and we'll pick a winner at random on the closing date, Midnight Friday 19th July.

Terms and conditions apply. 

Many thanks to Esdevium Games


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We want our evening show to include as many game developers, game lovers and game enthusiasts as possible! And of course we understand that not everyone can travel to London to be part of the event in person (also the studio space is rather small). But we really want to involve as many people as we can so we'd like you to get involved like this: 

Make a small video in the next few days about one of the topics (or several) listed below and we'll have a look, then endeavour to show it in one of our live-streamed evening shows! 

Details here: Video Submission Page  


Well, it has taken us a while, but we finally have an official EToo schedule! It has been an incredibly hectic, confusing and exciting process. Thank you so much for staying patient, and staying interested.  

In short, we've had an amazing response. The tickets went on sale last Friday and sold out within three days, even after we added an extra batch; we've been contacted by developers from all over the UK and even Continental Europe - we have several of those flying in to showcase their games. We've also had heartening support both from our sponsors, PlayStation and GameStick, and from mainstream publishers like Sega, Ubisoft, Activision, Capcom and EA.

Most importantly, we have some incredible games to show you, whichever days you're attending. Developers like New Star Games, Big Robot, Curve, Bossa and Mode7 will be showing their latest titles; we have Born Ready Games showing a new build of Strike Suit Zero - on the Oculus Rift for heaven's sake! And from the big guys, we've got The Last of Us, Deadpool, Rayman Legends and Duck Tales HD among others. 

It's going to be chaotic and a teeny bit crowded, but we're trying to fit as many in as we can. During the day, we may need to limit the number of people in the venue at any one time, but the good news is, we now have an 'overflow area', or if you prefer a 'networking lounge' next door at The Yard, so there will always be somewhere to hang out and talk about games.

For the After Dark events, we'll be discussing all the latest E3 news and trailers with a range of industry experts including GoldenEye co-creator, Martin Hollis, Uncharted designer Richard Lemarchand, Thomas Was Alone developer Mike Bithell and Makielabs founder Alice Taylor. We'll have videos from well-known gaming bloggers; I think we have the IGN crew recording a podcast at one point. We also have a couple of surprise celebrity appearances planned.

You'll find the complete schedule here  and the good news is, if you haven't yet bought a ticket, we're releasing 20 more per day for the Daylight event - we'll do that from 7pm this evening. Furthermore, if you happen to be in central London and DON'T have a ticket, swing on by – if it's not too crowded, we'll let you in. 

By the way, a few people have asked "hey, if PlayStation is sponsoring the event, does that mean there won't be any talk of other consoles?" I can assure you, that's not what it means. We're enormously grateful to Sony and PlayJam for helping us with the costs of putting this event on, but it was always on the condition that we'd be able to feature - and, I suspect, often drool over - new games on other systems. We wanted to give gamers the chance to turn up at a small London bar and celebrate all games together, no matter what platform, no matter what publisher. That's all that matters to us.



LONDON 31 May 2013: Not making it to E3 this year? Fear not: London will be getting its own indie gaming alternative, which will coincide with the major LA-based gaming convention. Taking place at the Loading Bar in Soho from June 10th - 13th, EToo will feature over 30 game developers showing off their latest projects on big screen TVs around the venue. The event is being sponsored by PlayStation, with GameStick, the forthcoming Android console from British tech company PlayJam, as a partner sponsor. 

Developers set to show off new titles at the event include New Star Games (with an unseen new build of New Star Soccer!), Hello Games (Joe Danger), Mediatonic (showing forthcoming title, Foul Play), Nyamyam Games (Tengami), Big Robot (Sir You Are Being Hunted), Simon Roth (Maia), Tom Francis (Gunpoint), Tiniest Shark (Redshirt), Alistair Aitcheson (Slamjet Stadium), Curves Studios and Projector Games (Fortress Craft). Capcom will also be in attendance, running playable demos of Lost Planet 3 and the new HD version of classic platformer Duck Tales. More mainstream publishers are to be announced.

As headline sponsor, PlayStation will be in attendance, with Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us playable, as well as innovative platform adventure Rain and perhaps some surprise extras. David Wilson, Head of PR for PlayStation UK said, “PlayStation is pretty excited about EToo. As well as giving attendees the chance to witness our E3 conference live, there’ll be loads of time to get hands on with a range of awesome games from the blockbuster, The Last Of Us, to the small but beautifully formed Rain”

PlayJam will be showing off its innovative Android console, GameStick, set for launch in July. Sameer R. Baroova, head of games at PlayJam commented, ”What better way to celebrate the most exciting week in gaming than to spend it playing awesome games, meeting developers and gamers, and discussing all things gaming. We are  excited to show off GameStick at EToo, and are very glad to be a part of it. Cheers to Keith and Georg for putting this together.”

“This started off with me sulking on Twitter about not being able to go to E3,” says co-organiser Keith Stuart, the games commissioning editor at The Guardian. “Game developer Georg Backer replied and said we should do our own event. It probably should have ended there, but somehow it didn’t. The next thing is, Jimmy Dance, the owner of Loading Bar in Soho, was offering to host it. It was sort of like one of those Hollywood musicals - ‘hey, let’s put a show on right here’. But with less dancing. 

“We’re hugely grateful to Sony and PlayJam for covering the costs of this crazy endeavour so I don’t have to explain to my wife why I’ve spent most of our life savings on hiring video equipment.” 

Developers will demo their latest games throughout the day, as well as taking part in mini-talks and maybe even workshops. During the evenings, the event will also be running a live-streamed TV show from one corner of the bar, presented by Keith Stuart, Georg Backer and co-hosts including Rock Paper Shotgun writer Cara Ellison. Streamed via a dedicated YouTube channel and set to be embedded on the Guardian site, the programme will include E3 news and trailers, as well as developer interviews. Several guest stars are set to appear, including famed GoldenEye designer Martin Hollis. Popular gaming radio show OneLifeLeft will also stage a takeover event and mini-disco. More details soon!

EToo takes place from June 10th-13th. The daily developer event is free to attend for the public, but anyone interested needs to pre-register. The evening livestream show, taking place between 7pm and midnight every night, will cost £6 to attend. This includes a free drink. Tickets and pre-registrations are available at

For more information and regular updates, head to the official website and follow us on twitter @etoolondon

 To get in touch with the organisers, email